Life after Cancer Treatment- A new chapter begins in your life, one that can bring hope and happiness. Not every cancer survivor is alike. Each person has his or her own way of coping and learning to manage different emotions. It will definitely take time and practice. Cancer survivors could benefit from help and support from other people, whether friends and family, religious groups, support groups, professional counselors, or others.

Going Back To Normal: You may also find that reverting to your role in the family is not as easy as you thought. The things you did before you had cancer are now done by other people. Perhaps they are not ready to return your tasks. Or maybe you disagree with other people's way of doing things, but you're afraid to say anything. 

All of these feelings make sense. You’ve just been through a difficult time. You’ve had to make some major life decisions. Don't expect it to be the same as before the diagnosis. Give yourself, your family, and those around you time. You're going to get through this. Just as it has taken time to cope with cancer, you can cope with life after cancer. 

Living with UncertaintyDeal with uncertainty and fear and feel more hopeful. Below are tips to lead a better life. 

  • A greater sense of control by being informed about what you could do to your health.

  • Acceptance by being aware that you don’t have control over cancer recurrence.

  • Be aware of your fears, practice letting them go. It’s normal for these thoughts to enter your mind, letting them go can free you from wasting energy on needless worry.

  • Express your feelings of fear or uncertainty with a trusted person. Being open and dealing with emotions will help many people feel less worried

  • Instead of dwelling on an uncertain future or a difficult past, focus on the present moment.

  • Find ways to help yourself relax.

  • Control what you can. Taking care of your health, getting back to normal life, and making changes in lifestyle are a few things you can control. Even making a daily schedule will help you gain more control.

  • Recommendations for cancer survivors are the same as recommendations for anyone looking to improve their health: 

Get support

Both cancer survivors and their families will benefit from emotional support. Talking with others who are in situations like yours can help ease a lot of emotions. Also, you could get useful ideas from them that might help you.

Support, in any form, allows the survivors to express their emotions and learn skills to cope. People who participate in support groups have a higher quality of life, including better sleep and appetite, according to studies. Learn more about "Support Groups and Communities" by clicking here.


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