One of the most difficult aspects of living with lung cancer is the stigma associated with the disease, although that is beginning to shift. It is important that the lung cancer community does not divide itself into "smokers lung cancer" and "nonsmokers lung cancer," and that everybody works together. Better lung cancer care options are required, and efforts must be organized for the benefit of all patients involved. 

Managing the stigma associated with Lung cancer-

Having lung cancer is painful enough, but coping with the disease's stigma makes it much more difficult. Following these suggestions can assist you in overcoming the stigma.

1. Create a “TEACHABLE MOMENT.” 
Learn more about Lung Cancer and take the opportunity to educate others. Click here to Learn about Lung Cancer
2. Share your STORY. 
Give lung cancer a face by letting everyone know that it affects a diverse group of people. Click here to Share your Story
3. Find others who UNDERSTAND.

There are a number of ways to connect with other lung cancer survivors. Click here for Online Support Groups
 4.  Be HONEST about your feelings.  
Tell the person who has made you uncomfortable and explain that lung cancer deserves the same compassion as other diseases. Click here for individual support groups

Consider switching physicians or hospitals if you are not getting compassionate care.

Please watch the below video on "Stigma and Lung Cancer"


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