When you have a particular question or would prefer to speak with just one person, there are times when you can do so. Some people enjoy getting a cancer buddy and being a part of an online community.. Some options available include:

Telephone Cancer Support

Services are available for those who prefer the telephone to the Internet or who need one-on-one telephone counseling. Free services are offered by:


  • CancerCare Telephone Counseling- CancerCare provides free individual counseling for those with lung cancer.
  • The Lung Cancer Alliance- The Lung Cancer Alliance-The Lung Cancer Hotline offers information on lung cancer screening, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment options to people with lung cancer and their families.
  • The National Cancer Institute (NCI)- NCI is a component of the National Institutes of Health. Call or have a confidential online text chat to get answers about cancer questions from an NCI information specialist. 

Matching Services for One-on-One Cancer Support

  • LUNGevity Lifeline: The lifeline is a service in which lung cancer survivors can be matched up one on one with another survivor facing a similar diagnosis. Caregivers of those coping with lung cancer may also find other caregivers through the lifeline who are facing the same challenges.
  • Phone Buddy Program: The Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) offers a fantastic Phone Buddy program. Staff at the LCA interview lung cancer survivors and caregivers and connect them with other survivors and/or caregivers in similar circumstances.
  • Cancer Hope Network: Cancer Hope Network matches cancer patients with trained volunteers that have also gone through cancer treatment.

Link to Local Cancer Support Group Finder: https://www.cancer.org/treatment/support-programs-and-services.html


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