Living a healthy lifestyle can help you feel better during and after lung cancer treatment. A healthy lifestyle can assist with nausea, vomiting, stress, depression, and anxiety, which are all common side effects of cancer treatment.

Healthy habits will help you stay healthy while undergoing lung cancer treatment and afterward. Here are a few suggestions for living a healthier lifestyle:

1. Stop Smoking
There are immediate rewards when you quit smoking, including improved blood pressure, lowered risk of heart diseases, and improved lung function. Click here to learn more about smoking cessation and lung cancer.
2. Eat well
Good nutrition is important for lung cancer patients. Eating the right kinds of foods can help you feel better, stay stronger, and fight infection. Click here to read more about nutrition concerns during cancer treatment.
3. Be active
Physical activity can aid in the reduction of fatigue, the improvement of mood, and the maintenance of a healthy weight. Even short bursts of activity, such as gentle walking or light stretching, can help. Here are a few ideas to remain active and engaged
4. Enlist Support
It's critical to attend to your mental and emotional needs in addition to your physical health. You may want to speak with a counselor or other cancer patients who can relate to your situation. Click here to learn more about support groups

Please watch the video below on " Lung Cancer and Lifestyle Changes"


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