It's hard to plan for a cancer diagnosis. But when it comes to recovery, you should prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Even small measures will boost your sense of well-being and power. 

Here are 5 things you could do that might help with your cancer treatment:

1. Healthy Lifestyle: Practicing healthy habits before, during, and after cancer treatment will make you feel more energized. It can also help you sleep better, fight diseases more effectively, and reduce side effects.

Healthy habits will help you live a better life. Consider meeting a nutritionist and a physical therapist. Click here for Healthy Lifestyle Habits.

2. Educate: Always educate yourself about your medical condition and treatment. 

  • The American Cancer Society is an excellent place to start. A guide to planning for cancer surgery is one of their many services.
  • will assist you in better understanding how chemotherapy functions and what to expect from it.

3. Reach out for support:  Support groups and families may be incredibly helpful. 

Click here to connect with support groups and patients. 

4. Expect to see changes in your physical appearance: Hair loss, weight loss, and skin rashes are also potential side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. 

Inquire with your doctor on what to expect. The Look Good Feel Better programme of the American Cancer Society provides free services such as seminars and materials to assist women with cancer during treatment. Call 800-395-LOOK for more details.

5. Be Proactive: Provide details of your medical problems to all of your doctors. Don't take it for granted that they have anything. 

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