This may involve communication about the death of a loved one to their family members, deterioration of health status, positive test result for COVID-19, suggesting quarantine, and others.

Before breaking bad news, confirm the information and study the details.
Ex: Breaking the news of the death of the father to the son in an ICU setting

Prepare yourself to deliver the news

Be genuine and honest

Rehearse in mind how to deliver the news.

Have details of how the person might respond to bad news

Choose the right setting to break the news

Use simple sentences to deliver the news “I'm sorry to have to tell you this”. Don't Overload with  information

Provide information in two or three simple sentences

Allow the person to respond. The responses may vary from silence to anger. Be prepared to deal  with all these emotions

Don't be in a hurry. If the person is crying allow them to do so. If the person is angry (you sense signs of aggression, call for help).  If the response is silence give them some time, provide emotional support until the person gains control

Summarize, plan further support, and revisit.