The current pandemic of a novel strain of Corona Virus (COVID-19), has affected several communities across numerous countries with far-reaching consequences. Individuals exposed to disease outbreaks, in addition to a direct impact (eg. strict control/quarantine), suffer indirect consequences (eg. loss of income), both of which can have mental health consequences. these strategies can be provided by any frontline worker.

Social isolation is associated with significant psychological distress and can impact the functioning of the individual.


Validate the feelings of anxiety/stress and use a non-judgmental approach

Check on the concerns related to quarantine /isolation ( examples given below)
Fear about their own health and health of their loved ones
The stress of being monitored
Anger and frustration of being stigmatized

Guilt feelings about not being able to perform normal work
Worries about family members and their safety

Allay the anxiety about health by providing reliable sources of information

Advise them to be in touch with family members over the telephone and social media

If they are being overwhelmed by the social media messages on the pandemic, advise them to take a break from the same

Ask them to focus on keeping a routine for themselves while in isolation

Encourage them to do physical exercises

Ask them to pursue a hobby to keep themselves occupied

Advise them to practice relaxations exercises namely meditation, abdominal breathing