• EdX

Much has been made about Yale University's "Happiness" course, available to non-Yale students now for free. Once you learn about the roots of joy, dig into the 2,000 classes available through the EdX app. Think of a topic, any topic -- they probably have a class for that, offered by one of more than 100 universities. You won't earn a degree, but you will earn bragging rights for furthering your education while isolating. 

  • Duolingo

This language learning app is an engaging and colorful way to get smarter. It's structured like a game in that it's image-heavy, fast-paced and it incentivizes you to keep going with ultimately inconsequential but briefly exciting rewards. There are 35 languages to try, including fictional tongues like "Star Trek's" Klingon and "Game of Thrones'" High Valyrian. Emerge from isolation a learned polyglot. 

  • Apple's COVID-19 shop 

This one-stop-shop collects everything you need to know about coronavirus in a neatly packaged and easy-to-navigate hub. You can customize the information you want by state and screen your symptoms if you suspect you've become infected. It's constantly updated with verifiable information as it's released.