• Playing with friends: Heads Up! on Houseparty

You may be familiar with Heads Up! ( the Ellen Degeneres-backed game that's kind of like a reverse charades), and you may be familiar with Houseparty (the video calling app that mashes all your friends together on one screen). Here's how to combine the two since we can't be with friends in person.

First, download Houseparty. Click the die in the upper right corner. Heads Up! should appear in the drop-down column. Gather your friends, and voila! 

  • Playing solo: The Sims Mobile

The Sims is still as fun as you remember, perhaps now more than ever -- you manipulate the life of a virtual 

person who can shop, date, throw parties, meet ghosts -- everything we can't do right now. Playing The Sims during a pandemic is an exercise in wishful thinking.