Nurse Manager/Physician Dyad

Each unit’s Clinical Nurse Manager is paired with a Physician partner in a “Dyad.” Together they work alongside the unit’s staff to ensure that the highest quality care is delivered to patients. Dyads focus on Quality of Care, Patient Satisfaction and Patient Safety. Find out who is your unit’s physician partner.

Escalating the Chain of Command

It is the responsibility of the Registered Professional Nurse to question the appropriateness of a medical decision, therapy rendered, report changes in patient condition, potential environmental safety hazards or ethical/patient safety concerns to the appropriate personnel.

The Chain of Command will be initiated when:

The RN questions the judgment of the physician’s/nurse practitioner’s/physician assistant’s clinical assessment, plan of care, or orders and this cannot be resolved with the personnel involved.


The RN has made an attempt to contact the appropriate personnel for change in patient’s condition and there is no response

within a reasonable time, considering the severity of the clinical presentation of the patient.


The RN identifies any unsafe factor/condition in the work environment which he/she cannot rectify.


The RN requires consultation regarding clinical care, patient safety or ethical concern for the patient.

Escalating through the Chain of Command includes notifying the:

• Charge Nurse,

• Clinical Nurse Manager

• On duty Nursing Supervisor

• Attending Physician when appropriate