Before Your Appointment:

  • Pre-Anesthesia Call: Answer a call from the Pre-Anesthesia Testing (PAT) nurse to discuss medications and receive instructions. If missed, call the PAT clinic at 917-999-9999.
  • Schedule a Ride: Arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure as you won't be able to drive yourself.
  • Pick Up Medication: Get your SUTAB prescription filled at a pharmacy. 
    • Tip: Contact your pharmacy beforehand to ensure they have the prep in stock.
  • Medication Adjustments:
    • Stop taking certain medications (anti-inflammatories, blood thinners) before the procedure as instructed. The GI office will contact your doctor for approval.
    • Continue taking Aspirin 81mg daily.
    • If you take other medications listed (Tetracycline, etc.), take them at specific times relative to the SUTAB dose.

2 Days Before:

  • Soft Diet: Eat only soft foods all day.

1 Day Before (Prep Day):

  • Clear Liquid Diet: Start the day with only clear liquids. No solid food allowed.
  • Allowed Liquids: Water, clear juices, sports drinks, clear broths, black coffee/tea (no milk/cream), popsicles, and clear Jello (no red or blue).
  • Chewing Gum/Mints: Allowed until midnight, but do not swallow gum.
  • No Smoking/Vaping: Avoid cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and vaping for the entire prep day.

Bowel Prep Instructions (SUTAB)

First Dose (4 pm):

  1. Open and Take Tablets: Open the first bottle of 12 tablets and swallow them one at a time with sips of water (every 1-2 minutes).
  2. Drink Water: After taking all tablets, drink 16 ounces of water (provided container) over 30 minutes. Slow down if experiencing nausea, bloating, or cramping.
  3. Repeat Water: One hour later, drink another 16 ounces of water within 30 minutes.
  4. More Water:  Thirty minutes after finishing the second water, drink another 16 ounces within 30 minutes.
  • Continue Clear Liquids: You can have clear liquids until midnight. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight except the second dose.

Second Dose (5 Hours Before Arrival Time):

  • The PAT clinic will call you with your arrival time for the procedure.
  • Calculate the second dose timing: Take the second dose 5 hours before your arrival time, but no sooner than 4 hours after starting the first dose.
  • Repeat Steps 1-4: Open the second bottle, take the tablets, and drink the water as instructed for the first dose.


  • Finish all SUTAB tablets and water at least 2 hours before the colonoscopy.
  • No food or drinks within 2 hours of the procedure.

Prep Tips:

  • Drink plenty of clear liquids throughout the prep to stay hydrated and aid cleansing.
  • Walk around to help the medication work effectively.
  • Use baby wipes and zinc oxide cream to soothe rectal soreness after bowel movements.
  • A successful prep may allow for a longer interval between future colonoscopies.


If you have any questions, please contact your doctor's office or 917-999-9999.