Having a Support System in Place

  • Help at Home:  After surgery, you'll need some extra help around the house. Ideally, a friend or family member can stay with you for the first week.  Talk to your loved ones and see who can be there for you.  If no one is available, let your nurse know so they can help you find other options.
  • Friends and Neighbors:  Set up a network of friends and neighbors who can check in on you and offer help with errands or chores as needed.
  • Meals Made Easy:  Stock up on frozen meals, easy-to-prepare foods, or freeze homemade meals ahead of time. This will take a load off your caregivers.
  • Transportation: Arrange for a ride home from the hospital on discharge day, and for transportation to follow-up appointments.

Making Your Home Safe and Comfortable

  • Helpful Devices: Consider buying or borrowing some tools that can make recovery easier, such as:
    • A raised toilet seat
    • A shower chair
    • A reacher/grabber tool
    • A shoehorn and sock aid
  • Find these items at drugstores, medical supply stores, or online.
  • Accident Prevention:  To prevent falls or injuries at home:
    • Clear walkways and remove throw rugs
    • Secure electrical cords and phone lines so they're not tripping hazards
    • Install grab bars in your bathtub and on stairways
    • Arrange frequently used items within easy reach