Before beginning this tutorial, go to the member portal page ( and use your One Healthcare ID to sign in. If you are having trouble signing in, please call 1-800-962-8074.

Managing Contact Information and Communication Preferences 

1.1 On the contact preferences page, you'll see your contact information and communication preferences. 




1.2 Click on "Contact Information" to update your details, such as email address, phone number(s), and additional addresses. Use the blue arrows to navigate and make changes. 



1.3 After updating contact information, select "Communication Preference." Choose your preferred communication method: "Paperless" or "Mail." 



1.4 Find the blue drop-down arrow next to "Notifications and Reminders" on the right side of the screen. 


1.5 Adjust notification settings to your preference.  


Step 2: Updating Email Address and Phone Number 


2.1 To update your email address, choose the "If not update now" option in the upper left corner. 



2.2 Input the desired email address for receiving notifications and press "Save" when done. 


2.3 Follow the same process to update your phone number. Make sure to read the texting terms of use if prompted. 



Step 3: Personalized Emails and Promotional Offers 


3.1 Select the blue drop-down arrow beside "Personalized Emails." Choose "Yes" if you'd like to receive personal emails from your health plan. 



3.2 Finally, find the blue drop-down arrow at the bottom of the page next to "Promotional Offers and Programs." 



3.3 Opt into receiving promotional offers for items not covered in your plan by selecting your preference. 


Step 4: Contacting Support 

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, contact the toll-free number:  

1-800-962-8074. Support is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. 

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