Prescription Universe (RxU) Onboarding Guide-ALL4IBD research program

Prescription Universe (RxUniverse) is a digital health automation platform for care providers to prescribe appointment reminders, directions, apps, surveys, care plans, and health education content at the point of care.

The RxUniverse platform is accessible through web browsers:


Contact for help and Questions:

Onboarding Process Overview

1. Login:

  • The Rx.Health team will create the required login accounts to access the Prescription Universe platform. 
  • A confirmation email with login credentials will be sent to the user along with the default password. 
  • Please use in a web browser (we recommend Chrome) to log in.
  • Enter your username and default password. You will be prompted immediately to reset the password.

A. Reset the password immediately.Upon resetting your password

  1. Enter the username (your email) provided for the initial login.
  2. Type in your new password for login (Note: It should be a minimum of 8 characters, have one uppercase character, have at least one number, and one special character) and click on "Submit". 

Various ways to reset your password

  1. The login page for initial log in
  2. Email
  3. Reset from the "Profile" tab on the left hand panel

B. Login with the new password created: Enter your username (1) and new password (2).

To reset your password after logging in, from the Profile on the left hand panel, select the Profile tab, and click on Change password (1).

2. One-to-One Prescription from the Custom Dashboard 

  • On the left hand panel click on the Custom Dashboard tab, and select open to access the dashboard overview or Custom Dashboard

  • On the top right corner locate the prescribe button and click on it to make a one to one prescription

All required fields indicated by a red asterisk *

1. Confirm the correct pathway you would like to prescribe is selected 

2. Enter the patient'd IBD type

3. Enter the patient’s first and last name

4. Enter the patients MRN

5. Enter the patients DOB

6. Enter the patients email

7. Enter the patient's phone number 

  • Click the prescribe button on the bottom right corner
  • Your prescription will populate on the dashboard overview

4. Dashboard Overview

  • On the top left hand side of the dashboard overview you can search for patients by Phone number, or MRN. Only search for patients by their first or last name as last resort

  • Below that you are able to search for patients based on their:
    1. Enrollment Status: 
      • Clicked
      • Not clicked
      • Replied 99
      • Eligible
      • Ineligible
      • Signed e-consent
      • Declined e-consent
      • Speak with care coordinator
      • Opt to fill baseline survey later
      • Filled baseline survey
      • Control period 
    2. Digital Readiness: 
      • Yes 
      • No, Interested 
      • No, Not interested
    3. Enrollment Type: 
      • Bulk
      • One to One
    4. Gift Card Status: 
      • Received
      • Eligible and Pending
      • Ineligible

5. Patient details 

  • Click on the patient to access patient details 

  • Under the messages tab you will be able to access all the messages that were sent to the patient, and all messages that are queued to be sent to the patient, as well as any patient replies. You also have to option to send the patient a custom message and communicate with them on the platform

  • The surveys tab populates all the surveys that have been completed, along with the date and time of completion, as well as the patients responses 

  • The notes tab allows you to make any notes pertaining to the selected patient - for internal use

  • The pathways tab allows you to cancel the prescribed pathway

6. Sending Nudges from the Custom Dashboard

  • Select the patient you would like to nudge by clicking the check box to the left of their name 

  • On the top right hand side of the custom dashboard overview under the actions tab drop down menu you can select the Semi Automated Nudges option to send nudges or gift cards to the patient dependent on which part of the workflow the patient is currently in

  1. Care coordinator Nudge for patients that have not completed the initial assessment 
  2. Baseline Survey Nudge for patients that have not completed the baseline survey
  3. Digital Readiness Nudge for patients who have indicated they are not digitally ready but are interested 
  4. Gift Card for patients