Community Resource Overview

Clark County offers a large variety of community resources that are available for all Clark County residents to take advantage of. Among those resources are 30 public libraries, over 70 food pantries, 55 transportation assistance programs, housing assistance programs and much more. Familiarize yourself with all of the different resources below. Depending on your particular need, there is likely an available resource near you.

Clark County Libraries

The Clark County public libraries are a great resource for when you need access to a computer, internet, or even desire to take classes to help you become more technologically savvy. How to apply for a library card, all of the library locations, and just about everything else you would need to know about resources the libraries offer can be find on our page for Library Resources in Clark County, NV.

Food Assistance

If you are in need of access to free, healthy food, there are many different organizations and programs that can assist you. Many of the food banks offer other services as well that might be of interest to you. Please take the time to review the various locations and find one that is convenient for you on our Food Assistance Programs in Clark County, NV Resource Page

Transportation Services

Access to transportation services is available through a number of different programs in Clark County. Whether you need help obtaining bus passes, paying for your car, paying for gas, or need medical transportation related services, there is a program that suits your needs. Many of these programs also offer other vital social services as well such as food support and access to personal care items. Please take the time to review all of the available services among the various resources listed on our Transportation Services in Clark County, NV Resource Page

Housing Support

Among the various community resources offered in Clark County, NV are several that focus on helping those meet their housing needs. If you are looking for temporary or permanent housing, programs to help pay for housing, or are even just looking for educational housing resources, you can review the detailed list below to find something that suits your needs in your area. To view some of the top housing resources in Clark County, NV you can navigate to our Housing Assistance Programs in Clark County, NV Page here.