UHC Care Support

The UnitedHealthcare care support website helps members with their health needs. It has tools for caregivers, health insurance plans, and resources for members. You can talk to healthcare advocates and find contact info for your specific plan. The site also has info on using benefits, pharmacy services, and staying healthy. You can find the website here.

UHC Doctor Chat

UHC Doctor Chat is a mobile app for talking to in-network emergency doctors 24/7. It's free and saves you from waiting in a doctor's office. You can also do telehealth visits with local providers. It's a great way to get medical advice without leaving home or spending money. You can get the app here. You can find the app here.


MyUHC.com is a website for UnitedHealthcare members. You can log in to see your health plan details, track claims, and find healthcare providers. It also has features like an Explanation of Benefits statement and helps you manage costs and claims. There's also a live chat Producer Help Desk for insurance producers. You can find the website here.

UHC Healthy First Steps

Healthy First Steps is a program for pregnant women from UnitedHealthcare. It helps take care of them and their babies. You can earn rewards for joining activities and get personalized support. To learn more, check your Quick Start Guide or visit the program's website. You can find it here.


The BabyScripts app, known as BabyScripts myJourney, is a mobile app for pregnant women and new moms. It gives them daily education, reminders, and checklists during and after pregnancy. There are separate parts for patients and healthcare providers to talk and share resources. The app helps you stay informed about your care without many in-person appointments. You can download it here. You can download it here.


Dialpad is an app for communication. You can use it on your phone or computer and helps with calls, voicemail, and more. It uses AI technology to improve customer communication. It's good for businesses to talk with customers easily.  You can download it here.

Healthy First Step Rewards

Healthy First Step Rewards is a program that gives incentives to people for staying healthy. You can get rewards like money, gift cards, and wellness items for doing healthy activities. The program also takes care of pregnant women to support their health needs. You can find it here.


Sanvello is an app for mental health. It helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. The app has guided meditation and mood tracking. You can also talk to others in a community message board. Mental health experts can coach you, too. It's a great tool to manage your mental health. You can download it here


ModivCare is a healthcare company that offers different services like medical transportation and meal delivery. They want to give support to people on their healthcare journey. They want to make healthcare fair for everyone in America. You can find their website here and the app here


The PYX app addresses the issue of loneliness among socially isolated individuals by providing resources and tools to reconnect them with their community. It offers access to health plans, community resources, and an intervention program that includes regular check-ins to combat loneliness. Additionally, the app serves as a medication reminder tool to help users stay on track with their medication regimen. You can find the app here.

Healthy Benefits Plus

Healthy Benefits Plus is a platform and app that makes it easy for eligible users to access health benefits. You can get rewards and services on the app. It helps you live a healthier life. You can find the app here.


Geona is a website for personalized pharmacy services and medication management. It helps people with complex health conditions, including behavioral health. The website offers 24/7 support and delivery services for medications. You can find the website here

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