What is Linkedin?

Linkedin is a professional networking platform that connects individuals in the business community. It allows individuals to showcase their skillset to potential employers, find employment opportunities, and expand their professional network. 

Step 1: Download Linkedin App 

Go to the Google Play Store or App Store and search “LinkedIn” to find the Linkedin app. Click “Install” to download the LinkedIn App. You can also visit the LinkedIn website linkedin.com to access Linkedin on the web. 

Step 2: Create Account

Once you are in the LinkedIn app, click the “Join now” button to create your own LinkedIn account. 

Step 3: Enter Your Name

Enter your first name where it says “First Name” field and do the same for your last name. Click "continue" after you have entered your first and last name. 

Step 4: Enter Email or Phone Number

You will now be prompted to add your email or phone number. You may enter either your email address or your phone number and click continue once you have done so. 

Step 5: Create Password 

Now, you can create a password for your LinkedIn account. Your password should be 6 or more characters. Make sure your password is secure, and something that you can remember. Once you have typed your password, click the “Agree and Join” button. By doing so, you agree to LinkedIn's User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.

Step 7: Verify Email/Phone

LinkedIn will send you a text message or email (depending on what you entered to ensure the security of your account) to verify your account. Open your email inbox or messages to find this message. Copy the verification code in this message and paste it into the text box on the Linkedin app. Then click on the “Submit” button. 

Step 8: Complete Profile

Once you have verified your email, you can start creating your profile. You will be prompted to enter details such as your location, your most recent job, and other work-related information. Make sure the information you add is accurate and up-to-date. You can also click on the user icon on the top left and then click “View Profile” to view your profile and add to it by clicking the “Add section” button. 

Step 9: Find Jobs

Congratulations! You have successfully created and set up your own Linkedin account. Now you can start exploring the various features that LinkedIn offers, such as the “Jobs” tab in which you can search for jobs that fit your profile. If you find a job you like, you can click on it to read more and click the "Apply" button, which will take you to the application for the job.  

Step 10: Make Connections

LinkedIn also allows you to connect with others to build your professional network. You can click on the “My Network” tab to view your current network and connect with others. Once you find someone you would like to connect with, you can click the “Follow” button to follow their profile. 

When you follow someone on LinkedIn, you'll see their posts and updates in your feed. This helps you stay updated and connected with important people in your industry.


Step 11: Post on Linkedin

Finally, you can also make your own posts on LinkedIn by clicking the “Post” button. Posting on LinkedIn is a great way to grow your professional network and gain followers. 

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