Now that you know how to use some of your smartphone's basic features and healthcare tools, let's cover some resources on how to safely use the internet on your smartphone.

Here are the resources available to you:



5. Android: Frequently Asked Questions

Community Resources

Clark County provides a wide range of community resources, including 30 public libraries, over 70 food pantries, 55 transportation assistance programs, and housing support. These resources are available to all residents and can help with various needs. You can easily find the specific information you need for each resource category on dedicated pages for libraries, food assistance, transportation services, and housing support in Clark County, NV. Click here to learn more about these resources.

Additional Computer-Based Training

If you have access to a computer, you may find the resources below helpful. These resources are not optimized for mobile devices.

1. Basic Computer Skills

2. Email

3. Social Media

4. Information Literacy

5. Your Digital Footprint

When you are finished reviewing these resources, click here to go to the next set of training on more smartphone tasks.

If you need help finding a job, click here for resources. 

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