Let's learn how to set up your smartphone and use some of its features. Below, you will find many resources to help you learn how to use your smartphone and some Las Vegas-specific tools on paratransit and transportation! 

Before exploring the training resources, it is important to understand two important concepts: hyperlinks and scrolling. If you already are familiar with hyperlinks and scrolling, you may scroll down to the Setting up Your Phone heading.

Please watch this video to learn about hyperlinks:




Scrolling is a smartphone function that lets you move through long text, photos, and more. These are the steps to scroll:

  • Swipe Up: Drag finger up on the screen to see what's below.
  • Swipe Down: Drag finger down on the screen to see what's above.

Click the links underneath each heading to get started.

Setting up Your Phone:

1. Setting up your device

2. Creating a strong password


Smartphone Features:

3. Adding contacts to your phone

4. Making a phone call, sending a text message, and other common tasks

5. Downloading apps

6. Hyperlinks

7. Making an email account

8. Copying and pasting

9. Las Vegas Clark County Library LinkedIn Learning Training

Las Vegas Paratransit and Transportation Guide:

10. Las Vegas Paratransit Application and Information

11. Las Vegas Public Transportation Guide 


Community Resources

Clark County provides a wide range of community resources, including 30 public libraries, over 70 food pantries, 55 transportation assistance programs, and housing support. These resources are available to all residents and can help with various needs. You can easily find the specific information you need for each resource category on dedicated pages for libraries, food assistance, transportation services, and housing support in Clark County, NV. Click here to learn more about these resources.

Additional Computer-Based Training

If you have access to a computer, you may find the resources below helpful. These resources are not optimized for mobile devices.

1. Basic Computer Skills

2. Email

3. Social Media

4. Information Literacy

5. Your Digital Footprint

When you have reviewed the resources on this page, you can click here to go to the next set of training on accessing your online healthcare resources. 

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