Prescription Universe (RxU) Onboarding Guide for Post-Discharge CHF Union Health

Prescription Universe is a digital medicine platform for care providers to prescribe automated appointment reminders, directions, apps, surveys, care plans, and health education content at the point of care, via text. 

The RxUniverse platform is accessible through web browsers (we recommend using Chrome). Please use the link below to login:

Contact us for help and questions at



A. Go to in a web (Chrome) browser.

  1. USERNAME: Input your username (for
  2. PASSWORD: Enter default password- Password123!

B. Reset password immediately

  1. Reenter the default password provided (Password123!)
  2. Type in your new password (Note: It should be a minimum of 8 characters, have one upper case character, have at least one number and one special character)
  3. Reenter your new password and click on Submit.

C. Login with the new password created

  1. Enter your USERNAME 
  2. Enter the new password created

D. You can change your password in the future from the Profile tab under the left navigation menu

  1. Select Profile in the left menu and Click on Change password to reset your password after logging in.

2. Prescribing the CHF post discharge DNP from the custom dashboard

  • On the left hand panel click the custom dashboard tab and select Open for the Union Health CHF dashboard 
  • This will take you to the Dashboard Overview. On the top right hand corner click the prescribe button to Prescribe the CHF DNP

  • The following window will pop up at time of prescription

  1. Select the correct DNP pathway: Union Health Heart Failure Post Discharge Program
  2. Enter the patient’s mobile phone number
  3. Enter the patient's discharge date
  4. Enter the patient’s first and last name
  5. Enter the patient's MRN number 
  6. Enter the patient's DOB
  7. Click prescribe

3. Prescribing patient education content

  • On the home page, click the education content toggle button 

  • Click on the "education content" button to access our free internal patient education library. Curated, catalogued and searchable content repository for multiple use cases. Includes articles, videos, and printable PDFs with over 200,000 different articles and content. All content is reviewed by a team of medical reviewers, medical content specialists, research librarians, and user experience specialists
  1. Enter key word (disease, procedure, care instructions and more) in the search bar
  2. Click on the "▼" arrow to browse through the content with the article 
  3. Click on the "℞" button to prescribe the module and enter patient's phone number


Click on the help tab in the left navigation menu and use the dropdown to choose between trouble, suggestion and other. Add details that you need help with in the provided free text box

6. Dashboard Capabilities:

  • Custom Dashboard overview columns: 

  1. Patients Name, MRN, DOB
  2. Patients phone number
  3. The DNP Pathway that was prescribed to the patient 
  4. The Date and Time of DNP prescription
  5. The patients discharge date 
  6. The name of who prescribed the DNP
  7. Total number of interactions and clicks 
    1. The number of clicks indicates total number of times the link was clicked on
    2. The number of replies indicates how many times the patient has replied throughout the pathway thus far
  8. Survey column
  9. Alerts 
    1. Any replies from the patient throughout the pathway will generate an alert

  • Tabs available under Patient Details 
    • To access patient details click anywhere along the highlighted area

  • Under patient details, you can view patient demographics at the top along with the Messages, Survey, Notes, and Pathways tabs 

  • To track all the messages that were already sent to the patient, as well as all the messages queued to be sent including the date and time stamps click on the Messages tab. The messages that were sent out are at the bottom of the page, the messages that are queued to be sent are towards the top. 

  • To access the patients responses to the Patient Experience Survey, click on the survey tab

  • To generate a note pertaining to the patients chart you are in, click on the Notes tab, enter your note in the free text box, and click save note - for internal use amongst users of the Prescription Universe Platform. 

  • To cancel a prescription, or update the discharge date of a patient click on the Pathways tab
  • To cancel the prescription click on the cancel button, and then the check mark. The pathway should then state ' Cancelled'

  • To update a patients discharge date under the pathways tab click on the Update button