Creating a Support Ticket

All support requests begin with submitting a support ticket through the Rx.Health Support Portal. Support requests need to be submitted through your site's project manager or IT department.

To submit a support ticket, open JIRA by clicking here.

For instructions on submitting a support request, click here.

General Requests, Tasks, and Change Requests

Request Type
Response Time
General Requests and Q&A
Initial response time within 8 hours.
Routine Task
Response within 8 hours with estimated resolution time.
Change RequestResponse within 8 hours with estimated resolution time.

System Performance Issues and Outages

Impact Levels
HighIssue where the platform or service is completely unavailable to users or is working at a severely degraded capacity/performance level for multiple users making the platform unusable-or- Issue is impacting revenue or time-sensitive regulatory compliance.
Issue where the platform or service is working with limited functionality or at marginally degraded capacity or performance for multiple users (more than 5% of total users).
Issue where not more than 5% of total users are unable to use the service or platform -or- Users are not able to use a specific component of the platform which is not critical for normal functioning of service as a whole -or- A feature is unavailable where another can be readily used.


Impact Level
Rx.Health response commitment
Client Communications Notification Due
1 hourEvery 1 elapsed hour *^
8 hoursEvery 8 elapsed hours*
16 hoursEvery 16 elapsed hours*

Escalation LevelType of IssueRx.Health Contact
Level 1
General Requests and Q&A
Submit report requests through support portal.
Level 2Low Impact Issues: No response on level 2 issue within committed plus Project Team (Tech and/or Clinical Team) or call at (646) 969-9939 option 2 for technical support. 
Level 3Medium Impact Issues: No response on level 2 issue within the committed time.Level 2 contacts plus Program Leads (Project Director and Tech Services Director).
Level 4High Impact Issues: No response on level 3 issue within committed time.Level 3 contacts plus Rx.Health executive team.