To submit a support ticket, open JIRA by clicking here.

For information on Rx.Health support response times, click here.

Once you are in the Jira Portal, navigate to the corresponding project you are submitting a support request for. At the top menu bar, click "Create" in order to begin opening a support request.

 1.    Use the drop down menu to select the Issue Type, click either "Task" or "Bug". Do not use the "Story" and "Epic" options, we will not be using them

 2.    To submit a change request, click the "Task" option.

 3.    To report system outages or performance issues, select the "Bug" option.

 4.    This section is for summarizing the issue at hand. This text will appear on the ticket in the Jira Portal Board. If the issue is time sensitive, enter a requested due date here.

 5.    The attachment option here can be used to add screenshots or any other relevant material that can assist Rx.Health in resolving your issue more quickly.

 6.    This description section will be used to describe the issue in greater detail. Please describe:

  1. Detailed description of what is happening.
  2. What were you doing when you noticed the issue
  3. Any troubleshooting steps you have already tried.

 7.    The Issue Status drop down menu is used for tracking the progress of the task or bug. When creating a ticket, leave the status as "BACKLOG."

  • "BACKLOG" means your issue has been submitted and is waiting for assignment. 
  • "IN PROGRESS" means that we are working on the issue.
  • "IN REVIEW" (optional status) means that we have finalized changes to the issue and need to verify that it is ready to test.
  • "UAT" (optional status, only when needed) means that we are in the User Acceptance Testing phase of the ticket progression.
  • "DONE" means that the changes have passed testing and that we can close the ticket.

 8.    Here it will display the name of the person who created the ticket.

 9.    The Linked Issues section is used by Rx.Health. Do not complete this field when creating a ticket.

 10.    This drop down is used by Rx.Health. It is not necessary to complete when submitting a ticket.

 11.    The "Assignee" will be used by Rx.Health. Please do not select any user when creating a ticket.

 12.    The "Priority" drop down menu is where the level of priority for an issue can be set. Refer to the Rx.Health Support Response Times page for details on determining priority levels. 

Review your ticket and once the information is verified, click the "Create" button. 

 13.    Once you submit the Support Request, it will appear in the BACKLOG column. As the issue is worked on, Rx.Health will update the status and it will move to the appropriate status column.