Prescription Universe (RxU) Onboarding Guide for AGA FMT or other gut microbial therapies Enrollment Pathway

Prescription Universe is a digital medicine platform for care providers to prescribe appointment reminders and directions, apps, surveys, care plans, and health education content at the point of care. This platform sends automated text reminders to patients through a rules engine in order to help patients be more compliant before and after their procedure. The RxUniverse platform is accessible through web browsers (we recommend using Chrome):

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Onboarding Process Overview

1. Login: 

A. Go to  in a web browser.

  • Enter your username
  • Enter the default password

B. Reset the password immediately.

1. Enter the username provided for initial login.

2. Type in your new password for login to the facility - (Note: It should be a minimum of 8 characters, have one upper case character, have at least one number and one special character)

3. Enter your new password and click "Submit."

C. Login with the new password created:

  • Enter your USERNAME (1) and New PASSWORD(2) created.

D. Password can be reset after logging in from the Profile tab as well:

2. View patient level custom dashboard:

  1.     Click the custom dashboard tab on the left hand panel and select Open for the AGA FMT - Patient-level custom dashboard. 

Custom Dashboard Overview: 

To send a prescription from the custom dashboard overview, select the prescribe button in the top right corner:

  1. Select the clinical pathway 
  2. Enter the patients phone number
  3. Enter the patients first and last name
  4. Enter the date of FMT or other gut microbial therapy
  5. Enter the patients email
  6. Enter the patients participant ID

To View patient details: Click anywhere in the same row as the patient whos details you would like to see

Under Patient Details there are three tabs: Messages, survey, and notes. 

1) Select the messages tab to send a custom message or view the messages that have been sent, as well as messages that are queued to be sent: 

1a) A custom message can also be sent by selecting the patient you would like to message and clicking the message button on the top right hand corner of the custom dashboard overview

1b) Under the messages tab you can view all the messages that were sent, as well as messages queued to be sent (indicated by different message box color and time stamps. 

2) Select the Survey tab to see which surveys have been completed, and view patient responses

3) Select the Notes tab to make a note regarding this patient - for internal usage