Please follow the instructions below to change the language on desktop for Google Chrome

Step 1:  User keyboard input on "Desktop 1 (pane)" [...]

Step 1 screenshot. 


Step 2: User right click on "Member - Health Plan of Nevada (document)" in "Member - Health Plan of Nevada - Google Chrome"

Step 2 screenshot. 



Step 3: User left click on "Translate to English (menu item)."

Step 3 screenshot.




Step 4: User left click on "Translate options (button)" in "Translated."

Step 4 screenshot.




Step 5: User left click on "Choose another language (menu item)."

Step 5 screenshot.




Step 6: User left click on "Choose the language to translate the page to (menu item)" in "Language to translate into."

Step 6 screenshot.




Step 7: User mouse wheel down on "Chinese (Traditional) (menu item)."

Step 7 screenshot. 



Step 8: User left click on "Spanish (menu item)."

Step 8 screenshot. 



Step 9: User left click on "Translate (button)" in "Language to translate into."

Step 9 screenshot.




Step 10: User left click on "Translate this page? (pane)" in "Translate this page?"

Step 10 screenshot.




Step 11: User left click on "Translating… (pane)" in "Translating…"

+Step 11 screenshot.

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