Please follow the instructions below to change the language on desktop for Google Chrome

Step 1:  Navigate to the HPN Member Center website:

Step 1 screenshot. 


Step 2: Right-click the white area surrounding "Welcome to HPN"

Step 2 screenshot. 



Step 3: Left-click on "Translate to English" option from the menu

Step 3 screenshot.




Step 4: Left-click on the three vertical white dots to the right of "English"

Step 4 screenshot.




Step 5: Left-click on "Choose another language"

Step 5 screenshot.




Step 6: Left-click on the arrow to the right of "English"

Step 6 screenshot.




Step 7: Scroll down until you see "Spanish"

Step 7 screenshot. 



Step 8: Left-click on "Spanish (menu item)."

Step 8 screenshot. 



Step 9: Left-click on blue "Translate" button

Step 9 screenshot.




Step 10: The webpage is now translated into the correct language.

Step 10 screenshot.



Congratulations! You have successfully translated your web page into Spanish. You may also use this feature to translate web pages into any of the available languages in the drop-down menu provided.

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