The ALL4IBD Program and Application (Health PROMISE) is specifically designed for patients with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis to help them achieve 5 goals: improve symptoms, control inflammation, heal mucosa, have timely screening, and stay well. Included are clinically-proven tracking apps, telemedicine support services, scheduling and feedback reminders, as well as solutions that provide a holistic approach to patient care, such as patient social outreach engagement and ongoing health education materials.  An additional core component of the Toolkit is HealthPROMISE, an app-based platform developed at Mount Sinai that is designed to improve the quality of care for those patients struggling with inflammatory bowel disease. 

SMS and Email tracking for patients for the Control period and Interventional Clusters:

Data will be collected continuously throughout the study using the mobile health app. Study endpoints will primarily be assessed using an "intention to treat" analysis. Additionally, per protocol analysis of data will be performed for patients who have logged into the application at least 4 times in 12 months. The total study duration will be 2 years (104 weeks). At 1 year (52 weeks), an interim analysis will be done to determine if the study needs to be continued for the full 104 weeks. Furthermore, patients in either arm who login using PIN but not completing the week 52 (or week 104) exit survey will be considered as "lost to follow up".