The ALL4IBD Program and Application (HealthPROMISE) is specifically designed for patients with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis to help them achieve the following goals: improve symptoms, control IBD inflammation, heal gut, and achieve overall well-being. Included are clinically-proven tracking apps, telemedicine support services, scheduling and feedback reminders, as well as solutions that provide a holistic approach to patient care, such as patient social outreach engagement and ongoing health education materials.  An additional core component of the Toolkit is Health PROMISE, an app-based platform developed at Cle that is designed to improve the quality of care for those patients struggling with inflammatory bowel disease. 

Data on ALL4IBD effectiveness

ALL4IBD demonstrated a significant improvement in patients' quality of care. In a pragmatic randomized trial at Cleveland Clinic Facility (CCF), baseline e-PROs were measured using online questionnaires delivered through the app that assessed health literacy, disease severity, general health status, and demographic information. Patients using ALL4IBD could update their e-PRO information and receive a disease summary. Patients could also communicate over the ALL4IBD program and discuss results with providers.

At baseline, patients in the intervention arm reported a mean quality of life score of 30.3 ± 11.3. The last available follow-up QoL scores showed improvement among patients using ALL4IBD, to 25.3 ± 11.3 (p < 0.001). Patients engaging with ALL4IBD reported more equitable participation in their care decision-making process and showed improved health outcomes compared to patients not using ALL4IBD.

Patient Interview Video