Prescription Universe (RxU) Onboarding Guide for Orthopedic Pathways

Prescription Universe is a digital medicine platform for care providers to prescribe appointment reminders and directions, apps, surveys, care plans, and health education content at the point of care. This platform sends automated text reminders to patients through a rules engine in order to help patients be more compliant before and after their Colonoscopy Procedure. The RxUniverse platform is accessible through web browsers (we recommend using Chrome):

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1. Login: 

A) Go to in a web browser.

  •   ENTER USERNAME: Input your username (for eg.
  •   ENTER DEFAULT PASSWORD: Password123!

B. Reset the password immediately.

1. Reenter the User name provided for initial login.

2. Type in your new password for login to the facility - (Note: It should be a minimum of 8 characters, Have one upper case character, Have at least one number and one special character)

3. Reenter your new password and click on Submit.

C. Login with the new password created:

  • Enter your USERNAME (1) and New PASSWORD(2).

D. Password can also be reset after logging in from the Profile edits also:

  • Select Profile in the left column and click on change password (1) to reset your password after logging in.

2. Existing assets for orthopedic pathways 

Details of existing assets for ortho pathways (Sharing images of MSH pathways would be the same for  MSW, MSSL, and MSQ)

MSH ortho English assets

MSH ortho Spanish assets

3. New assets details and how to add them to my toolkit

Existing asset names
Replaced/New asset names

·Mount Sinai Ortho Pre-Op

·Mount Sinai Ortho Inpatient

·Mount Sinai Ortho Post Discharge Home

·Mount Sinai Ortho Post Discharge SNF/SAR

·MSH Orthopedics English


·MSH Ortho Inpatient SPANISH

·MSH Ortho Post Discharge HOME SPANISH

·MSH Ortho Post Discharge SNF/SAR SPANISH

·MSH Orthopedics Spanish

·MSW Ortho Pre-Op

·MSW Ortho Inpatient

·MSW Ortho Post Discharge HOME

·MSW Ortho Post Discharge SNF/SAR

·MSW Orthopedics English


·MSW Ortho Inpatient SPANISH

·MSW Ortho Post Discharge HOME SPANISH

·MSW Ortho Post Discharge SNF/SAR SPANISH
·MSW Orthopedics Spanish

·MSQ Ortho Pre-Op

·MSQ Ortho Inpatient

·MSQ Ortho Post Discharge HOME

·MSQ Ortho Post Discharge SNF/SAR

·MSQ Orthopedics English


·MSQ Ortho Inpatient SPANISH

·MSQ Ortho Post Discharge HOME SPANISH

·MSQ Ortho Post Discharge SNF/SAR SPANISH

·MSQ Orthopedics Spanish

·MSSL Ortho Pre-Op

·MSSL Ortho Inpatient

·MSSL Ortho Post Discharge HOME

·MSSL Ortho Post Discharge SNF/SAR

·MSSL Orthopedics English


·MSSL Ortho Inpatient SPANISH

·MSSL Ortho Post Discharge HOME SPANISH

·MSSL Ortho Post Discharge SNF/SAR SPANISH

·MSSL Orthopedics Spanish

How to add the new assets as favorites to ‘My toolkit’

Step 1

Please go to the home page and under the 'All' tab, search for the new or replaced asset name (refer to the above table for the name and then follow the image below).

Step 2

Click on the heart to add the asset as favorites to My toolkit for quick access (refer to the image below).

Step 3

Remove existing assets from My toolkit by clicking on the heart icon, next to the name of the asset on the My toolkit page (refer to the image below).

4. Prescribe the appropriate pathway

Step 1-

Prescribe the rule by clicking on the Rx button (refer to the image below).

Step 2-

Choose the pathway from the ‘select pathway’ dropdown

Step 3-

Patient and caregiver prescribing

1. Enter the patients' MRN number

2. Enter the patient’s mobile phone

3. Enter the patient's Email address

4. Enter the patient’s first and last name

5. Select English/Spanish Pathway

6. Check the box to enter the mobile phone number of the caregiver; So they will receive the same instructions as the patient

7. Select the date and time of the scheduled appointment

8. Click Prescribe

5. Reschedule or cancel a Prescription

1. Click on the Dashboard button on the left-hand panel.

2. At the top of the page click on the Digital Rules tab.

3. Search for the patient by phone number or name in the search bar.

4. If the patient is being rescheduled, click on the green "Update" button in the right-most column.

  1. The patient will receive an immediate text alerting them that their procedure date has been updated.
  2. If the appointment is scheduled more than 14 days out, the patient will receive ALL of the messages in the pathway. If the patient is rescheduled within 14 days, the patient will receive only the remaining messages of the pathways that they have not yet received which are now all anchored to the new appointment date.

5. If the patient’s appointment is being canceled, click on the red "Cancel" button in the right-most column.

6. Re-prescribe the rule to patients when the appointment has been rescheduled as you would be prescribing for the first time.

6. How to Send General Patient  Education Content

1. Click on the education content toggle button. This will show the full searchable library of education tools.

2. Simply search for the topic as you would in any search engine.

3. Prescribe the desired educational content (sent as a URL link) to a patient’s phone as you normally would.

7. How to Submit a Help Request

1. Click on the "Help" button on the left-hand panel

2. Select the query type (Troubleshoot, Suggestion, or Other)

3. Fill in a short description of the query

Onboarding Checklist

1. Login successful

2. Change the default password

3. Search colonoscopy educational content and prescribe it to yourself

4. Prescribe each asset to your device

5. Reschedule the appointment that you prescribed for yourself

6. Cancel the colonoscopy pathway prescribed to yourself