Prescription Universe (RxU) Onboarding Guide - AGA FMT

Prescription Universe (RxUniverse) is a digital medicine platform for care providers to prescribe appointment

reminders and directions, apps, surveys, care plans and health education content at the point of care.

This platform can be used to send the electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) onboarding pathway to

the AGA FMT National Registry participants via a secure text message or email link one to one.

The RxUniverse platform is accessible through web browsers:


Contact for Help and Questions:



  • The AGA Registry Team will send the Rx.Health team a list of email addresses for all individuals who will

    need an account, Rx.Health team will create accounts and confirm with the team.

  • The team will send a confirmation email to the user along with the default password and
    instruct the user to use the "Forgot Password" feature to reset their password.

  • The username will be the email address.

  • Go to ( in a web browser

  • Input your username and password

  • Click Forgot Password if you need to reset your password

    Select AGA FMT Pathways as favorites

    • Use the search bar to find appropriate apps by name or specialty
    • Favorite apps by clicking the heart – this will move them into the “My Toolkit” tab

  • Prescribe the appropriate pathway

    Enroll Participant into the ePRO pathway:

    • Choose the FMT Registry Onboarding Pathways, AGP Kit Reminder or FMT Registry Brochure asset and click the blue Rx button on the right
    • Input Rx information, all required fields will have a red asterisk. (Note that the MRN and first/last name fields are NOT required)
    • For the FMT Registry pathway enter the Participant ID
    • IMPORTANT NOTE - In the "Reminder for appointment follow-up" date field, please enter the participant's FMT Procedure Date. The annual follow-up surveys will be triggered based on the FMT procedure date that is entered here.
    • Click the Prescribe button to trigger the pathway of messages

  • Prescribe the AGP Kit Reminder:

    • Same steps as above
    • For AGP Kit Reminder pathway required fields are phone number and FMT Procedure Date
    • Participant will receive automated reminders 2 days pre procedure and 30 days post procedure
  • How to Submit a Help Request

    • Click on the Help tab
    • Select the Query Type
    • Enter a short description of the issue you are facing

      Participant Onboarding View
      Below are screenshots of the participant onboarding process once you have enrolled the participant into the ePRO program through Prescription Universe.

      Screen 1:

      Screen 2:

      Screen 3:

      Screen 4:

      Screen 5:
      Screen 6:

      Screen 7:

      Contact for Help and Questions: