Prescription Universe (RxU) Onboarding Guide for DHS colonoscopy

Prescription Universe is a digital medicine platform for care providers to prescribe appointment reminders and directions, apps, surveys, care plans and health education content at the point of care. This platform sends automated text reminders to patients through a rules engine in order to help patients be more compliant before and after their Colonoscopy Procedure. The RxUniverse platform is accessible through web browsers (we recommend using Chrome):

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A) Go to in a web browser.

B. Reset password immediately.

1. Reenter the User name provided for initial login.

2. Type in you new password for login to the facility - (Note: It should be minimum 8 character, Have one upper case character, Have at-least one number and one special character)

3. Reenter you new password and Click on Submit.

C. Login with the new password created:

  • Enter your USERNAME (1) and New PASSWORD(2) created.

D. Password can be reset after logging in from the Profile edits also:

  • Select Profile in left Column and Click on Change password (1) to reset you password after logging.

2. Select Facility pathways as favorites:

  • Select home option on left side column 

     1 . Use the search bar to find appropriate apps by name or specialty.

     2 . Favorite apps by clicking the Heart – this will move them into the “My Toolkit” tab.

     3 . Click on Rx button to Prescribe the PAT pathways.

3. Patient-Only Prescribing

1. Enter patients Hospital MRN Number.

2. Enter patient’s mobile phone.

3. Enter patient Email address.

4. Enter patient’s first and last name.

5. Select English/Spanish Pathway.

6. Check if mobile phone# is for caregiver.

7. Click Prescribe.

4. Dashboard:

Click on second option on left side column on dashboard to accesses patient informations who have subscribed for the program. 

1. Search place to search prescribed pathways based on patient name, Phone number or MRN number, Date of prescription done.

2. Click on Cancel option to stop patients further involvement with the program.

3. Click on Update option to change the Facts such as - Appointment date, patient phone number, Patients first and last name, Patients MRN number.

Content linked to the assets that are part DHS colonoscopy toolkit:

1. DHS colonoscopy - English and Spanish.