Many providers have moved to phone or video encounters for stable patients. You should inquire about the availability of these options and try to keep these appointments so you can discuss your current situation and plans for staying well through this difficult time. It may be that your healthcare team will recommend that routine tests (such as blood work, colonoscopies, or endoscopies, imaging tests, etc.) can be safely delayed by a few months, until the pandemic restrictions are loosened. If you are otherwise scheduled for routine tests, it is a good idea to call your healthcare team to learn their current process and recommendations. 

However, if you are experiencing new or worsening symptoms, or making changes in your medical therapy, lab testing and other tests for diagnosis or evaluation may be important for your medical team to keep you feeling well during this time. Please contact your healthcare team's office and seek their advice. Ask about the timing of lab work or tests needed, the safest location to have this testing completed, and any special precautions being taken to keep you safe. Before going to any healthcare setting or public place, it is important to continue to follow precautions as recommended by the CDC. 

Although your doctor may recommend holding off on routine tests for now, it is important not to forget these next steps in your care! Keep a list of appointments you need to schedule later so that you do not lose track. Remember that these routine tests help your doctor monitor your disease and overall health.