ALL4IBD demonstrated a significant improvement in patient quality of care.

Modern technology now makes self-management techniques possible by monitoring through mobile applications, which could significantly improve patient care. The aim of this study was to determine whether individuals with IBD by utilizing the digital health monitoring platform HealthPROMISE Via SMS and Email based for their IBD receive higher-quality care and achieve better health outcomes. Based on patient feedback, HealthPROMISE was created with the intention of encouraging patient involvement. 

Patients and caregivers can keep track of their symptoms, prescriptions, quality-of-life ratings, doctor appointments, trips to the ER, and hospital stay using the app. Then, patients can explore the specifics of their various ePRO domains and their longitudinal trends by logging in to a dedicated patient dashboard. Both can track and monitor the data, recommend treatment modifications or lifestyle adjustments, or arrange clinic visits. Further, the application also permits the flagging of patients with suboptimal disease control, medication non-adherence, or extra-intestinal complications which may require further attention. Tracking disease activity, progression, and Quality of Life directly by modules sent to the patient by SMS and emails help in better understanding, self-monitoring better disease control.



SMS and Email tracking for patients: