Q- What is COPE Summit?

The COPE Summit, hosted by LUNGevity, is a full-day event conceived by and for caregivers of all stages. The COPE Summit is one of three simultaneous summits held each spring as part of LUNGevity's International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference in Washington, DC..

There are workshops for both new and experienced caregivers at the COPE Summit. Panel discussions moderated by oncology navigators, peer-to-peer Q&As, and expert-led sessions on key caregiving topics are among the meetings. For caregivers, it is a powerful day of the community, and the separate summit allows them to be more open in their sessions.

Q- What is LUNGevity’s International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference?

A one-of-a-kind virtual conference created by and for lung cancer patients and their caregivers. The conference introduces attendees how to live well with lung cancer and offers opportunities to connect with other survivors, learn about ways to manage their illness and cancer journey, hear from world-renowned researchers on the most cutting-edge therapies, and much more!

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