Taking Diabetic medications helps lower your risk for heart attack, stroke and kidney damage by managing blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body. Diabetes is a progressive disease so the longer you have diabetes, the more help you will need from medications to keep you and your heart, eyes and kidneys healthy.

Your doctor helps by choosing the right medications for you, but you play the most important role. Make sure you understand your medication plan so you can take your medicines in the right way and at the right time, every day. 

UNDERSTAND YOUR MEDICATION PLAN- Since diabetes can affect different parts of your body, it is not uncommon for you to need several medications that work together to get you into your target range.  New medications often have multiple benefits, such as preventing heart-related problems, in addition to improving your blood glucose (sugar). 

Take your medication at the right time
  • Create a daily routine for taking and tracking your medications.
  • Find the best times to take your medications so they will work best for you. Ask your diabetes care team about the time of day, spacing between doses, pairing medication times with your daily schedule and grouping medications that may be taken together
Taking medications
  • Keep medications visible.
  • Make sure a readable clock is visible.
  • Post reminders, if necessary.
  • Draw a large clock and put color codes on it, if necessary.
Share your medication beliefs and concerns
  • Did Taking your medicine have positive effects on your health?
  • Did your medicine cause low blood glucose (hypoglycemia)?
  • Are you concerned about the number of pills you must take every day?
  • Is your medication plan too complicated for your lifestyle?

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