Questions to ask about your Follow-up Care Plan

  • Who will be leading my medical care after I finish treatment? 
  • How do you usually provide survivorship care? 
  • Are there any survivorship clinics, survivorship centers of excellence, or other survivorship resources you would recommend? 
  • How often should I return for a follow-up visit With my family doctor? 
  • What tests will I need during my follow-up visits? 

It can be difficult to remember every detail of your diagnosis and treatment plan. At the same time, this information is very valuable to the doctors and clinicians who will care for you throughout your lifetime. Many survivors also ask their doctors and clinicians for a survivorship care plan or follow-up care plan. This serves as a guide for monitoring and taking care of survivors’ health in the future. This plan is usually based on medical guidelines for a specific diagnosis, as well as a person’s individual needs and preferences. 

You and your health care team will work together to develop a personalized follow-up care plan. This plan will serve as a guide for monitoring your health for the months and years that follow. Keep this information in your personal health record, and share it with your current and future health care providers. Now is also a good time to review your other medical documentation, such as your advance directive, to make sure that it reflects your current and long-term wishes. 

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