• Be prepared for care withdrawal -You will be scheduled for follow-up care after your treatment is completed. Appointments are spaced to accommodate the various needs of each patient. If there are no serious problems, the return to post-treatment life entails working on your own to regain strength and stamina.
  • Be aware of possible ongoing side effects - One of the factors that keep you going through recovery is the knowledge that the majority of the worst side effects will go away once the treatment is over. Even if you emotionally plan for the best result, reality can be very different. Many of the side effects may continue to be treated long after treatment has finished. Alternatively, certain side effects can reappear.
  • Hold on to your social support - When you're having trouble dealing with your cancer treatment, your family caregiver takes on the role of coach and support. When you're transitioning out of your care, you'll always need them.

Below are two apps that can help you manage your cancer:

1. Pocket Care Cancer GuideThis app allows cancer patients to search through hundreds of questions for each stage of the disease. They will create a list of questions to ask their doctor in advance of their appointment. It has the ability to record and replay the doctor's responses. We can add our own personalized questions to the app, look through the glossary to learn more about the medical terms doctors use and connect a doctor's appointment. It is only available on iOS. Click here to download the app on your iPhone.

2. Cancer Aid
From the moment of diagnosis, through care, and rehabilitation, this software is designed to help the patient maintain control over physical and psychological side effects. The patient can use this app to keep track of their diagnostic and care data. Patients can also learn more about their condition and monitor and treat their side effects by accessing medically accurate information. This app is available for free on both App store and Play store. Click
here to download the app on your iPhone. Click here to download the app on your Android.

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