Moovcare® is a web application that detects relapse or complications in lung cancer patients during follow-up. Moovcare®, a Class I medical device, has been shown in clinical trials to extend overall survival by 7.6 months. The current lung cancer follow-up procedure is fundamentally flawed. Patients' health has deteriorated by the time broad-spaced CT scans detect relapse and complications, and the limited treatment options available offer a suboptimal outcome. Moovcare® dramatically improves survival by using a weekly patient questionnaire delivered via an easy-to-use web app to detect relapse or complication and alert caregivers immediately. With 100% sensitivity and 89 percent specificity, Moovcare® has proven to be a reliable tool. Moovcare® was developed and clinically validated for six years, culminating in CE certification as a Class I medical device.

Pulmonary Nodule Risk

The Brock and Herder risk prediction and volume doubling time (VDT) calculators, which are recommended by the British Thoracic Society (BTS) to aid in the diagnosis and management of pulmonary nodules, are the main features of this app. Cancer Research UK and BTS collaborated on this app to provide clinicians with fast and easy access to the calculators and BTS guidelines for the investigation and management of pulmonary nodules. This app is intended to be used by doctors. It is currently available for iPad and iPhone users and can be found in the App Store for free.

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