Sticking to your medication schedule (also known as medication adherence) entails taking your prescriptions exactly as directed – in the correct dose, at the correct time, in the correct manner, and on a regular basis. 

Q- Why is medication adherence important?

Refusal to take your drug as recommended by a doctor or as directed by a pharmacist may result in the worsening of your condition, hospitalisation, or even death. 

Below are the 8 tips which will help you stick to your medication routine- 

1. Every day, take your prescription at the same time.
2. Keep a "medicine calendar" with your pill bottles, noting when you take each dose.
3. If you're using a pill container, make sure to refill it at the same time every week. Every Sunday morning, for example, after breakfast. 
4. Make use of a pill box. Some designs have portions for numerous doses at various times, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and night.
5. Assemble a daily routine around taking your prescriptions, such as brushing your teeth or getting ready for bed. Check with your doctor to see if your medication should be taken on an empty stomach or a full stomach before deciding on a mealtime.
6.Get timer caps for your pill bottles and set them to go off when it's time to take your next dose. Some pillboxes optionally include a timer.
7. Carry enough medication during your travel, plus a few days' worth of extra in case your return is delayed.
8. Keep your medication in your carry-on bag if you're flying to avoid misplaced luggage. The temperature in the cargo hold may cause your medication to be damaged.

Watch the below video to overcome barriers to medication adherence-