Q- What is inside the RPM kit?

1. FDA cleared Pulse Oximeter Device

2. FDA cleared Live Care Wireless gateway

3. FDA cleared Blood Pressure Device

Q- How to set up Link+ device?

Set Up the Charging Dock
  • To set up the charging dock, connect the charging cable and adapter into a surge bar or wall outlet.
  • Choose where to place your Link+ in the home
  • You can set up the Link+ in many places in your home. Choose the correct place to place your link using these recommendations:
    • Nightstand
    • Coffee Table
    • Dining Table
    • Dress Top
    • Side Table
Note: Always keep the Link+ in room temperature area and away from water if possible.
  • Power On Link+, Plug the Link+ into the charging dock. The Link+ will automatically power on, and the LiveCare logo will appear on the screen. (This process could take up to 2 minutes)

Set up the Link+ device
  • Once you switch on your device, you would see a welcome message.
    1. Click on get started2. Fill in your first name and press on Next button
    3. Select your gender and click on Next4. Enter your date of birth and click Next
    5. Enter your phone number and click on Next6. Enter your email address and click on Next
    7. Enter your device ID 
    8. Read the terms and condition and click on agree

    9. You are now connected to your Link+ Home page