• How to Login?

1. Go to https://prescriptionuniverse.org/#/login  in google chrome

2. Enter your username (Facility email) and default password (Password123!)

3. Rest your password immediately

  • How to launch telehealth?

          1. Once you log in, you will enter the home page.

          2. Click on telehealth and launch telehealth

3. A new tab with the calendar opens up.

  • How to schedule an appointment? 

1. Change the date and month based on the availability and schedule the appointment.

2. To schedule an appointment you need to fill in patient's details

3. You can also have a reminder for follow up

4. You can click on the patient's name and look at his previous telehealth visits, messages, and notes. 

5. After going through the notes, you can start the call or if it is a new patient, you can directly click on the start call.

  • How to have a video call?

Enjoy your telehealth consultation.