"In some cases, surgery will be an emergency procedure and there will be little time to prepare. However, if possible, it is important to prepare yourself for the surgery.

  • Try to be in the best possible physical and mental shape prior to the procedure. Nutrition is extremely important because when you are well nourished, your immune system is strong, which lessens the likelihood of surgical complications such as infection.
  • Prepare yourself mentally for surgery and recovery. If the procedure will result in an ostomy, there will be much to learn. It’s best to start preparing in advance by consulting with a wound-ostomy care nurse (a health care provider who specializes in ostomies).
  • Build a support team of family, friends, and others who can assist you before and after surgery with transportation, meal preparation, and other daily tasks.
  • Try to resolve work, family, and school obligations in advance. Speak with your employer about taking time off from work or ask about the company’s Family Medical Leave policy. Check into temporary disability, social security, or other appropriate programs. For children, try to schedule procedures when school is not in session. If this is not possible, secure a tutor for your child and make other school accommodations."


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