General Well-being - Post-COVID Discharge

COVID times are unprecedented times. We need to work extra hard to manage our emotions well. Expect to have a lot of mixed feelings. Naturally, we feel anxiety, and maybe waves of panic, particularly when seeing new headlines. 

Our anxiety is helping us cope, bond together from a physical distance, and slow the spread of the virus. So our anxiety - while uncomfortable - is a good thing right now, especially if we manage it well. At the same time, we must effortfully prevent panic contagion and create periods when we can be screen-free and calm, engaging our attention in normal daily activities. Seize opportunities to share lightness and humor. Laughter right now is a relief for all of us! 

It may be helpful for you to make a list of what you can and cannot control right now. Click here to know what we can and what we cannot control and focus on what we can do. 

Few pointers for better well being: 

  • Limit media to reduce anxiety

  • Get and provide warm, comforting, social support by video, phone, or text- “Social Distancing” is actually a misnomer, it is actually physical distancing while we work hard to stay socially connected. Let’s switch to that phrase! 

  • Find ways of expressing kindness, patience, and compassion Be extra kind to yourself. 

  • Create new routines and keep practicing healthy behaviors. Routine and ritual are restorative to us. Our brain wants predictable activity so we can relax our vigilant nervous system. Go to bed early and go outside each day to be active. Remember that our activities, thoughts, and mood are closely linked. If you want to change your mood, change your activities, and/or your thoughts. 

  • Eat well- Good nutrition helps our mood. Stress makes us seek comfort foods, and in turn, high carbs and sugars impact our mood. Many population-based studies show that a Mediterranean diet has been linked to better mental health and stress resilience, whereas a junk food western diet is linked to depression and anxiety. 

  • Watch the below video on" COVID -19 Mental Health issues and Coping"