1. What is DIVAKARS HOSPITAL mobile app?

It's a mobile application for women's healthcare before, during and after pregnancy. You can make online appointments with your Doctor and can get regular updates about Women's health. 

2. Can I make appointments with my doctor through DIVAKARS HOSPITAL mobile app?

Yes, you can book online appointments with your doctor. Based on your convenience, you can opt for video consultation or audio consultation. Payments for the consultation are also made through this mobile app.

3. How can I book an appointment with my doctor through DIVAKARS HOSPITAL mobile app?

    1. Download DIVAKARS HOSPITAL app from Play Store

        Click on the link  below to download the APP on an Android Phone-



      2. Create an account 


    3.  Select a specialist based on your condition and make an audio or video appointment.

   4. After clicking on consultation, use the calendar to select a preferred time and date for appointment.

  5. Provide patient name and purpose of visit, and proceed to payment.

  6. Congratulations, you have successfully made an appointment with your Doctor. Appointment details are saved  in the user profile for reference.

  7. Doctor is notified of your upcoming visit with your note for the best medical care for you.