In most cases, the timing and method of the delivery should be by obstetric indications rather than the maternal diagnosis of COVID-19.  You shouldn’t have to be induced early or have your baby outside the hospital.  

  • Pregnant women suspected or confirmed COVID-19 early in pregnancy and who recovered - There is NO alteration to the usual timing of delivery.
  • Pregnant women with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 in the third trimester- It is reasonable to attempt to postpone delivery (if no other medical indications arise) until a negative test result is obtained or quarantine restrictions are lifted in an attempt to avoid virus transmission to the neonate.
  • Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that mode of birth vaginal or cesarean birth either protects or puts an infant at risk so labor and delivery plans do not need to be changed.  

Is it safe to give birth at home due to this COVID situation? 

No. The safest place for you to give birth is always a hospital or hospital-based birth center. Even the healthiest pregnancies can have problems arise with little or no warning during labor and delivery. If problems happen, a hospital setting can give you and your baby the best care in a hurry. It is important to not take any risks that might put you or your newborn’s health in danger, especially while there is a high risk of getting COVID-19.