What are the important steps you can do to prevent acquiring or spreading infection

1. Social distancing – Very important. 

A. Avoid contact with someone who shows symptoms of possible COVID-19 - anyone having a cold or cough or fever. 

B. Avoid non-essential travel and use of public transport.

C. Avoid public places, crowds, and large family get-togethers. Keep in touch with friends and relatives using the phone, internet, and social media. 

D. Avoid routine visits to hospitals / Labs. for minor problems, contact the hospital or HF clinic by phone or helpline number if possible. If you are regularly checking INR and adjusting blood-thinning medicines, please contact the doctor over the phone if possible and try and avoid a hospital as much as possible.

2. Hand hygiene 

A. Avoid handshakes and touching face with hands

B. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently – do this for at least 20-30 seconds and systematically to clean all parts of the hand

C. Alcohol based hand-sanitizers are also useful. 

D. Avoid touching possibly contaminated areas/objects – Public toilet doors, door handles etc.