Pregnancy and COVID 19 

  • Pregnant women do not appear more likely to contract the coronavirus infection than the general population. However, pregnancy itself alters the body’s immune system and response to viral infections in general, which can occasionally be related to more severe symptoms and this will be the same for COVID-19. 
  • Reported cases of COVID-19 pneumonia in pregnancy are milder and with good recovery.  
  • There are also case reports of preterm birth in women with COVID-19 but it is unclear whether the preterm birth was due to some other cause, or whether some were spontaneous. 
  • Pregnant women with heart disease are at the highest risk.
  • The coronavirus pandemic increases the risk of perinatal anxiety and depression, as well as domestic violence. It is critically important that support for women and families is strengthened as far as possible.
  • Please look at the below video on "Tips for Pregnant Women to Stay Safe during COVID19"

Transmission from mother to baby

  • With regard to vertical transmission (transmission from mother to baby before birth or during birth), emerging evidence now suggests that vertical transmission is probable, although the proportion of pregnancies affected and the significance to the neonate has yet to be determined. 
  • At present, there are no recorded cases of vaginal secretions being tested positive for COVID-19. 
  • At present, there are no recorded cases of breast milk being tested positive for COVID-19.