Patients live in a digital world but providers lack resources to prescribe the right digital tools 

  • 86% of patients want digital tools but <2% of providers recommend them
  • An average hospital loses $100M annually due to inability to recommend the right app or digital therapeutic at the right time
  • Over 350,000 health apps and digital therapeutics exist in silo and are not integrated with EHR or workflow

Rx.Health is the solution:

  • Sorts through the 300,000 mHealth mobile applications, numerous wearable devices, telehealth providers, secure messaging, and more to deliver evidence based toolkits
  • Integrates with EHRs, CRMs, Care management solutions allowing digital assets to be prescribed with one click
  • Combines digital technologies into long term care pathways that deliver the right solution when a patient needs it and how they need it
  • Digital tools include telehealth, secure messaging, screening, wearables, appointment scheduling, health records, mobile apps, health education, predictive analytics, high risk population management, chat bots, and more!

We have proven success stories and paid multi-year contracts with health systems and pharma:

  • 40% Heart failure readmission reduction after patients prescribed app + devices
  • 3x quality of life improvement and 75% active patients after 2 years in NIH sponsered randomized trial with IBD patients
  • Within 8 weeks, more than 2000 digital app prescriptions by providers, given a 96% system usability score 

Oncology: Exponential ROI

  • Utilizing a Digital Medicine Platform allows endless possibilities to develop transformation use-cases, for example:
    • Patients First, providing digital check-ins to extend world class care at home
    • Improved adherence
    • Bundles for BMT, procedures
    • Readmission reduction
    • Decrease no shows for imaging and visits
    • Patient’s and family lifelong engagement
    • Clinical trail recruitment
  • ROI through:
    • Better payer contracts
    • Clinical Trial Recruitment 
    • Improving peri-op throughout
    • Remote monitoring and Chronic Care Management Codes (CCM)
    • Patient experience survey
    • Real time service recovery
    • Reducing readmission penalties 
    • MACRA - Increased scores
    • Clinically Integrated Networks and Population Health
    • At-risk contracts and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)