Developed within a health system, our mission is to increase the capacity of health systems by unifying digital medicine and support system-wide digital transformation. We do it by:

  • Creating digital toolkits of validated digital health tools across diseases, procedures, and value based initiatives
  • Going beyond prescribing these toolkits through EHR to use API-first RxStitch TM engine and "bulk prescribe" to populations¬†
  • Leveraging implementation science backed up by HIPPA compliant clinical engagement center to create and share success stories across our syndicate of partnering health systems, ACO, payviders, and health plans

Real Time Clinical Trial Recruitment and Engagement 

  • RxUniverse's bulk prescribe feature was used to contact eligible patients for an additional clinical trial with one single click
    • 1309 patients were contacted via email or mobile text message
    • 510 patients responded regarding their interest in the proposed study
    • 206 patients agreed to participate in the study

Digital Navigation Program for Medicare Bundle Patients

  • 139 Medicare Bundles patients undergoing joint replacement surgery were prescribed a Digital Navigation Program with educational material to help them prepare for surgery, hospitalization, and recovery. DNP patients:
    • Significantly shorter stay then their peers: 2.81 days vs 4.31 days
    • Lower readmission rate: 1.9% vs 2.9%
    • More likely to ambulate on the day of surgery

Digital Care Plans for Procedures and Surgeries

  • Digital Care plans prescribed to patients preparing for colonoscopies resulted in:
    • 58% reduction in inadequate bowel preparation
    • 20% good to excellent bowel prep
    • 92% of users rated receiving the Digital Care Plans as useful or very useful

See attachment for additional use cases: