Can pets spread coronavirus?

At present, there is no evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs or cats can be infected with the new coronavirus.


I am about to travel abroad, where can I get the most up-to-date travel advice?

If you're planning to travel abroad and are concerned about coronavirus, check the country by country travel advice at CDC by clicking the link here



Is it safe to travel internationally?

Prior to any trip, be sure to check CDC travel notices at


If traveling on a plane, how do I stay safe?

It's not the cabin air you need to worry about. It's keeping your hands clean. "Hand sanitizers are great So are antiseptic hand wipes, which you can also use to wipe down armrests, remote controls at your seat and your tray table."


Since a plane's cabin keeps circulating air, will I get sick if another passenger is sick?

Most viruses don't spread easily on airplanes because of how the air circulates and is filtered, Still, try to avoid contact with anyone sneezing or coughing

What should I do if someone in my household is quarantined?

All close contacts should monitor their own health and call their healthcare provider if they develop symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 


Is it safe to travel/fly in India ?

Currently, there are some travel restrictions for travelling within India. Different states have their quarantine rules if you travel from one state to another. Hever, the situation is rapidly changing so please click here for latest updates


I have recently travelled or will be travelling. What should I do?

Travel guidance and recommendations are changing frequently. For the latest recommendations for returning travellers or those planning a trip click here


How can my household prepare for an outbreak?

You should think about having daily necessities and medications to last about two weeks, in case they need to isolate. Massive stock piling of supplies is not necessary.


I run a large event, should I cancel it?

If it involves people who may be at high risk of severe illness, like people over age 60 or who have chronic diseases like diabetes or asthma, and this event is not an essential part of your business, it is reasonable to consider cancelling or rescheduling this event.


Is the virus found in our animals in ?

So far, we have not detected it in animals in India and neither is there evidence to suggest that these viruses are spread through animals here 


If I defer my travel to the affected countries, will travel insurance cover my trip cancellation, postponement of flight tickets and hotels? 

You are advised to check with your respective travel insurance providers for information on coverage and compensation.


Why do healthcare professionals use an N95 mask and don full personal protective equipment (PPE), including goggles, then?

When dealing with infectious diseases, healthcare workers are required to wear the personal protective equipment (PPE), including N95 and goggles, as they are in close contact with patients and their bodily fluids.


How big of a problem is symptom-free spread?

Right now, no one knows. Researchers would need to understand how many people, in total, have been infected. To learn this, they need a test to identify people who have developed antibodies against the virus.


How many undetected cases are out there?

No one knows for sure. One reason: There aren’t enough test kits to test everyone who might be infected. Another reason is that people may be infected with the virus but show no symptoms or very mild ones. 


Why do we care about undetected cases?

Undetected cases matter because they may seed outbreaks when travelers become infected and then carry them to other places,


Why do I see other people wearing masks?

People wear masks for a variety of reasons, including to avoid pollen and air pollution, as a courtesy to others when they have the common cold, and for other cultural and even social reasons.


Can a person refuse quarantine?

No it should be fulfilled as directions by the Government of India and respective state governments.


How much a coronavirus test cost ?

In government hospitals, it is free of cost but in private laboratories the cost is different depending upon the respective states.


Did coronavirus come from Corona beer?

Funny, but no. In January, the alcoholic beverage from Mexico showed a surge in Google searches, along with the term "corona beer virus" and "beer virus."