Q) Is there any drug that i can take to prevent infection with COVID-19?

A) There is no specific drug available in market that can be used either to prevent or to treat COVID-19, however there are various anti viral drugs already in the market used against other viral infections that are being evaluated in various clinical trials against this new virus.

Q) Is there a vaccine available to protect from COVID-19 infection?

A) Right now we do not have any vaccine in the market against this infection. However there are various Biotechnology companies working on bringing a vaccine which are in various stages of development and one is in phase I clinical trial.

Q) How long will it take to develop a vaccine for COVID-19?

A) Developing a drug/vaccine is a long process where initial safety and efficacy studies are conducted in animals and later in humans in various stages. Even in a fast track process would take at least a year before we have a vaccine for this disease.

Q) Do vaccines against Pneumonia protect from COVID-19?

A) No vaccines against Pneumonia such as pneomococcal vaccine and Haemophilus influenza type B do not protect against 2019-nCoV. It may be beneficial to prevent any secondary infection in case a person get infected with the virus. However we suggest you consult with your Physician  who may the suggest the right preventive measures for you.