First things first, to understand how to prevent infection, you need to understand how it spreads. The virus started from an animal source, but then started spreading person to person, so the things that the person who has the virus touched become infected. It is very contagious, and right now even the CDC doesn't know how it spreads from person to person! So it is very dangerous!  So now on to prevention. The CDC says that you can prevent yourself by being hygienic, like washing your hands, don't touch people who are sick, and all of that stuff. But they also say for some reason that you have to disinfect everything you touch when you are sick! Just imagine that! Think of going to school and mistakenly touching the school computer. Oops. You now have to disinfect the whole thing! And you would have to use those wipes that are used for electronics! And those cost more! If you have had contact with someone who has the coronavirus or is being evaluated for it, you must take instant action. You should go see a doctor right away and get tested for the virus. But while you are at home, do not be close to anyone in the family, don't share glasses, cutlery, etc. and at all times you should be wearing a facemask. If your test results are negative then discontinue all the stuff that I just listed, but if your results are positive, you may be eligible for government quarantine. So, to sum it up, to prevent yourself from getting infected you should be very hygienic.